Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday Weekly Word Count [2]

Of course, it's Monday now, practically Tuesday so this is coming to you late, not that anyone cares.

I hit a major test with my page-a-day commitment because I took a mini-vacation. I had my computer. Did I write a page? No! Bet you didn't see that coming. Now I'm two days out of the habit and it had been going so well. I'll have to get back on track tomorrow.

4/26: Words: 785
Pages: 2

4/27- Words: 671
Pages: 1.5

4/28- Words: 593
Pages: 1.5

4/29- Words: 1285
Pages: 3.5

4/30- Words: 1321
Pages: 3

5/1- Words: 1427
Pages: 4

So the total words for this week are 6082 and total pages are 15.5. Not as good as last week! It's coming along, I guess. I actually listened to Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke but covered by Seal for an hour, like literally, today at the airport and listening to it gave me like images in my mind about my story and helped me decide what I'm going to do in the future. It was great. I love that song, I love Seal's version.


“Yeah, it’s more than bending your legs. It’s your self-confidence. But you also have to work on your technique.” Sasha took the ball back from me. She held it in front of her in a shooting position. “Keep your elbows in,” she said. “And flatten your hand more. You want to make it a platform so it spins off your fingertips.”

She was so pretty, holding the ball like that. We were both breathing in white bursts but I really wasn’t thinking about the cold.

“You try.” Sasha tossed the ball back to me. “Spread your legs out shoulder width.”

I slid my feet out a little bit. “Like this?”

Sasha nodded. She came up behind me when I lifted the ball into shooting position. She pressed my elbows closer to my body. I couldn’t really feel her hands through my varsity jacket but I imagined I could.

“That’s a better shooting position,” Sasha said. “And flip your wrist. All of you boys suck at follow through. Keep your wrist flipped after the shot.” Sasha demonstrated for me a few times. I watched her squat and spring up like she was actually shooting. Her wrist hung in the air. It was all imaginary but I saw the ball falling through the net over and over again.

“Follow through. And then follow your shot of course. But you know what works for me?” Sasha widened her knowing brown eyes. “You have to visualize it. You have to see your ball going through the net. It’s part of believing it, Loren. You have to believe it.”

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  1. This excerpt is really good. I love the last paragraph, especially!