Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Weekly Word Count [3]

This weekend I tried to clean up my apartment but I'm so good at distracting myself it's no good. Oh well! Only I live here. Well me and some spiders and other bugs I kill occasionally. Ew.

So I'm in the middle of reading two books. I really need to read faster so I can post more reviews! I read a couple graphic novels I want to comment on, I just haven't done it yet.

This week I surpassed 60,00o words in my first draft. So yay but also, when is it gonna end? Can I get to the fame and fortune part yet? haha.

It was a good reading day and writing day. I also twisted my hair for a long time in a while. I really don't like my hair lately. Ever since I used some Miss Jessie's shampoo and conditioner (once!) it's been going downhill. I used some locking gel with the twisting and that seemed to work well.

Now it's almost another work day. But hey, I can't hate on work too much. At least I have a job. For now...

5/3 and 5/4- FAILURE. I was out of town and didn't write. I suck. Where is my discipline!

5/5- Words: 2178
Pages: 6

5/6- Words: 842
Pages: 2

5/7- Words: 480
Pages: 1

5/8- Words: 526
Pages: 1.2

5/9- Words: 2141
Pages: ~ 6

That brings my weekly word total to 6167 words and 16.2 pages. Not bad for missing two days.


It was Saturday so Somerset was crowded with middle schoolers carrying designer bags and soccer moms wearing sweatshirts that said Hottie across the bottom. It took two seconds for me to remember the exact reasons I never went to the mall.

“I just need some shirts,” I said, heading toward Macy’s with Caitlin on my heels. “We don’t have to be here forever.”

“But Loren, you said I could get something too!” Caitlin said. “I have to look.”

I couldn’t get to the men’s section fast enough. They had some shirts and ties boxed up together so you didn’t have to match anything. I grabbed a couple of those, one with a blue shirt and another with a plain white shirt. Red didn’t look that good on me but it was one of the school colors so I got a red shirt, a red tie and a black and red checkered tie along with a couple of black shirts That had to be enough. I couldn’t wear something different for every away game. Principal Johnson liked to say it often on morning announcements—“School is not a fashion show.” He probably hoped that each time he said it somehow it would come true. But school remained a fashion show.

I want to go to the mall. It's been so long!

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