Sunday, April 12, 2009

4/12/09 Word/Page Count

Words: 628
Pages: ~1

Another day where I didn't have too much time to write, plus I'm tired. So I skipped again to the first big game of the season in order to toss off a quick page and it worked out well. I'm going to have to fill in all the gaps later. But I'm plugging away at this page-a-day thing. I haven't failed in my club yet.

I sort of knew Jordan's BEDA challenge was gonna be a fail. I mean, I try to comment on the blogs of the 24 friends I have (which I haven't done this weekend) and that takes me approximately two hours at work (though some of that time I am working... very very little). So extrapolate that to 400... you see the problem there. Oh well, it was a valid effort.

Easter was very fun. I went to church with my cousin. Everyone loves me there. I am not a very church-y person, but I do enjoy it occasionally. I like everyone singing and being happy. I like all the attention I get. Everyone asks me how school is going. Sometimes I tell them I graduated, sometimes I don't. To them I'm gonna be in school forever so it doesn't matter what I say.

Then I had Easter dinner and I am still stuffed. We played bingo for a little while and that was fun. I finished Night Hoops which I loved and I reviewed below. I watched some TV shows I never watch like Candy Girls and Making the Band. It was just one of those fun days where you are surrounded by people. I made a run to Walmart to see if they had any Easter candy which of course, all the good stuff was gone. But I did find some Cadbury Creme Eggs. I'm gonna go to CVS tomorrow, near work, for one final try for those Hershey Candy Coated chocolate eggs!

Sigh. Another work week. But the good thing about Mondays is that it is one day closer to Tuesday and that's American Idol. So yay! Go Anoop.

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