Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Lazy Day

I slept a little too long today. That tends to happen to me. I was just dead to the world. See, I was meant to sleep in and go to bed late. So when the world forces me to get up at 8am I have to compensate on weekends. That means I can't do any weekend activity that starts before noon unless I absolutely have to. It really annoys my dad. He's an early riser. My mom gets me though because she likes her sleep.

Typing that made me think about how I'm the only one in my office (out of five girls) who still has married parents! It's just crazy to me all the time. I feel pretty lucky but I know that having divorced or separated parents doesn't make you unlucky. I've always had a close knit family growing up. It was me, my parents and my little sister. Even though my little sister often annoyed me, I'm still glad she was around. We had a lot of fun together. She was my partner for just about everything because when it comes to Pop Culture, we like the same things. We went nuts over Nsync and went to all the concerts and screamed our heads off. We both love Degrassi. I mean, try finding a casual acquaintance who likes Degrassi!

When my sister and I were little we used to spend hours telling stories. Basically we would lie around in bed, or on a blanket outside, or in the bathtub or the bath of the car and make up a story out loud together. First we did some kind of fanfiction stuff, like telling stories based on the Babysitters Club or whatever. But then we made up our own characters and situations. Like we told this story about these three boy bestfriends who lived in North Dakota. Like, wtf, so random, so unlike our lives in anyway. I don't really remember how this worked even but it lasted for a long time. I wonder if our parents thought we were crazy. I really loved it. I hope my sister did too.

I always wrote stories when I wasn't saying them. In 4th grade I made up a mystery series called the Treehouse Club or something and my sister illustrated it. I wrote the story our on construction paper and my sister's second grade teacher bound it so it was like a real book! There were two books and the teacher switched a page between them so that was pretty funny.

Then I wrote this epic tale later... like in 6th grade. It was about a boy who goes to summer camp and he's really homesick and then he finds ways to fit in and by the time his mom comes he doesn't want to go home! So that was my first novel in a notebook, illustrated by yours truly.

After I watched Little Rascals (the remake) my sister and I went crazy for a while, writing a series of stories based on all the characters. They were little books I stapled together and they went on and on and on. I think my mom was annoyed by them.

I don't know if I still have all of these things. My mom likes to throw things away. We've moved three times since my childhood so there are so many boxes that have never been opened again... I doubt I'll ever find evidence of all this brillance.

In middle school and high school I kept a series of journals in notebooks I carried around cosntantly. But I'm a terrible journal keeper. I wrote random things in notebooks and on the computers that we had. A lot of that is lost because the computer died. I can't think of anything too specific right now. I still have a bunch of those personal journals. The one from eight grade is especially bad. I'm like why aren't I popular waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Angsty times.

I switched high schools in 10th grade and when I went to sign up for classes my first question was, do you have a creative writing class? They didn't then but when they had one my senior year. I was so excited. I had a poem published in the school Lit Mag. I don't have that either.

However, in AP Bio, I was voted Most Likely to Become a Doctor. Oh how I've failed them.

And then in college, I was a writing major. So basically, I've been writing all my life. I don't know how I got on this topic. More later!

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