Saturday, April 11, 2009

The world is devoid of Easter candy

Why is that? Why is all the good Easter candy gone? I went to Target, Giant Eagle, CVS and Rite Aid and there was nothing around at all. All I got was some Reese's Pastel Eggs and Easter M&Ms along with one pathetic pack of Cadbury Creme Eggs. This is disheartening because it ain't gonna get better. I'll just have to take my chances on Monday. I'm gonna go to a different CVS before work and pray. All I want are some Hershey's candy coated eggs and more Cadbury Creme Eggs. I gave up candy for Lent so I didn't buy any Easter candy but I should have, I know I should have!

So now I'm watching Flowers in the Attic the movie. I tried reading that book once. Didn't made it through. Oh, Kristy Swanson is in it! That's cool. Creepy book so I bet the movie is creepy too. I only know the book is creepy through hearsay so it may or may not be actually creepy.

Maureen Johnson had a great blog about writing tips today. Basically she said what I'm trying to do. She said you have to write every day and the first draft is gonna be crap or you're doing something wrong. But then she mentions that she not only kills and guts scenes and plot lines but she gets rid of characters. Characters?! I never considered that. I love all of my characters. How could let them go? Oh my. Scary thoughts. Let's just get through the first draft... before we start panicking here.

So the next book I'm reading is called Night Hoops and I enjoy it so far.

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