Sunday, April 5, 2009

4/5/09 Word/Page Count

Words: 2572
Pages: 6

I don't know what happened. Well, I wrote a good chunk last night, after midnight. And then I sat down to start up again today at around 9 and I had been thinking about the story all day. I was like, I wanna write this and that and this and that. But when I sat down to write it was just like sluggish. Nothing was coming out right. It wasn't flowing how I imagined it. I don't know what happened. I forgot everything I wanted to do, I guess. Why are my writing experiences always so varied. Oh well, I'll keep on keeping on.

Maybe I used up all my creativity on THE BEDA SONG. Still need someone to sing it. Hint, hint.

So today I took a long walk down to this shopping center. Really I meant only to get a free panty for Victoria Secret and exchange a skirt at Old Navy. But of course I ended up buying up the place. I couldn't help it, that's just what I do! I love to shop. But I'm always bargain shopping. Always on clearance. I make it look good. You should see me.

So I went to Barnes and Noble and wandered over to the YA section as I often do and perused the shelves, imagining my own novel there among all the greatness. I found this book I have to read immediately called Marcelo in the Real World. Something like that. It looked really interesting. I put it on hold at the library. Don't hate me, I am poor! I can't afford to always buy books! It's a new book. Maybe the YA reviewers have read it.

Speaking of new YA books, Sarah Dessen is coming out with a book in June called Along for the Ride. Are we Sarah Dessen fans here? She also has a Ning. I wonder if they know about BEDA. I like Sarah Dessen. Her books are classic romances. In a way they all kind of blend together as a girl-gets-saved-by-cute-boy-who-turns-her-life-around sort of way but they are all great to read, wonderful characters, excellent writing. And I think as the books go on they are going to get grittier. So I always look forward to her new release. I even bought the last one and that's a big deal for me.

Right now, I want to write some book reviews. I wanna tell you about my fave older YA books. I'll have to make a wrist. I'm also reading Thaw by Monica Roe. It's a book about this guy who gets this disease with a long name that paralyzes him but it's only temporary. So far, It's pretty interesting. It reminds me of this other book that I LOVE and would like to reccomend called Trigger by Susan Vaught. In that book, a boy tries to kill himself by shooting himself in the head but he LIVES. The book is all about his recovery. See, he doesn't remember? It's a difficult book to read but totally worth it. So read it!

Now I'm going to frost some cinnamon rolls and eat them. That's pretty much it.

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