Thursday, April 2, 2009

4/2/09 Word/Page count

Words: 954
Pages: 3

I'm kinda tired right now. It's the end of the week. I guess that's justified. You know I should have totally been watching Make Me a Supermodel. Ooops. Or Millionaire Matchmaker. I can never remember when these Bravo shows are on.

Anyway, I wrote from about 10 to 11:45 or so. I finally finished the scene I was working on so all the boys on the team have their varsity jackets. Yay. It totally sucks for the most part. Don't you hate when writing doesn't go quite how you wanted it to. On the other hand, it can go in some awesome, surprising direction and you're like really, am I doing this, really? I like that much more. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened this week. But I'll push on. Not even sure what's going to happen next.

In high school, I had a varsity jacket. My parents got it for me. I don't know why, but I was always embarrassed wearing it. Like, I didn't think I deserved it because I wasn't some cool jock and I wasn't a Bandie either. I don't know why I thought that. I was on varsity track and frankly, the fastest sprinter on my team. Not in the state or even the division, on my team, mind you. I did earn my letter (and I had an academic letter... how dorky) and I won two awards and had the 3rd fastest time for one of the sprints in our school. But no girls wore varsity jackets, only guys and I just felt kinda awkward in it because I wasn't popular or anything. I don't know! I regret not wearing that jacket more now. I'm a little too old for it, I guess.

Varsity jackets are so cool and colorful but I don't like the wool. It's scratchy.

Poor Berger, on Sex and City. He got dropped for a second book option. That's gotta suck.

I might go to bed soon.

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  1. It totally sucks for the most part. Don't you hate when writing doesn't go quite how you wanted it to

    I've figured out that when I'm rusty i.e. have taken a day or MONTH or two off from writing, it takes me approximately 90 minutes to go from crap to 'hey, that's not half bad.'

    Even when I write daily, it can take about thirty minutes before the brain juice flows to the proper creative orifice.

    Good luck!!

    Oh and me and a few other YA authors do live tweetin' on Idol night. Others started joining so now we're going to be on tweetchat every Tues. at 8 #yaidol. So join if ya' wanna.