Wednesday, April 22, 2009

4/21/09 Word/Page Count

word: 548
Pages: 1.5

As we know... it was an Idol night. So not much writing was done. But what occurred, I enjoyed it. See, getting this story on paper... it's surprising me what's going on. First of all, I'm about 100 pages into draft one and the true conflict of the novel hasn't happened yet. The main character's best friend, he's barely in it! And I'm like, how can they be BFFs if they never talk? And I start writing scenes and I'm like where did that come from? John Green wrote that he's not surprised by what his characters do but when I write, I feel like I am. Or maybe I just don't really know where my brain wants to go. I don't know.

So I got my ice cream. I had a tried and true fave, the vanilla/orange sherbet combo. I sat outside and ate it even though it was cold. I really enjoyed it. Oh Ben & Jerry's free cone day, why can't you always be present?

This is turning out weird. Truth is I'm tired and I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I'd better quit while I'm ahead.

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