Friday, April 3, 2009

4/3/09 Word/Page Count

This is what I wrote today:

Words: 3,066
Pages: 7

A page a day. A blog a day. I like all of these things that are happening daily. I also enjoy eating. That happens daily. And I like to pee because it's important to get rid of that stuff. Also, a daily thing. Okay, I won't go any further.

Well, I'm writing this late, but I'll still make the deadline. Welcome to April 3rd. I think this month is going to go too fast on account of us all blogging our hearts out. I really enjoy reading everyone's blog. I refresh the blog page like eleventy billion times a day and there is always something new. It's like a surprise you never get sick of. Hell yeah.

This morning, it sounded like pebbles were striking my windows but it was only a really hard rain. I can't stand rain in the morning. It makes it almost physically impossible to get up. So because of the stupid rain I was still getting dressed at the time I was supposed to leave to take the bus. Oh well! My job is used to me being late.

I was annoyed with my boss today because she was going to let my coworker leave early, but not me! It really wasn't fair. But then she did let me leave early. But not as early as my co-worker. So it all worked out. Was that a pointless story or what?

An old friend called me today. Well not old, we're the same age (getting kinda old), but I haven't seen her since she moved back home in 2007. We talk every now and then. I miss her so much and it was so good hearing from her. She's coming back closer to me in the fall so we'll be able to hang out more and I'm happy about that. I need all the good friends I can get.

So I just discovered Alex Day's Vlogs. Boy is he funny. And his English accent makes him just so cute! I have to catch up. I feel like this whole BEDA/VEDA thing is really changing lives. Maureen should feel so proud of herself. A revolution. Between this and Obama... hell, we all might be living in the sky soon. Everything is getting better.

I posted a scene from The Novel I wrote today on my other blog. It's too long to post here (no cut tag or anything) but if you're interested, click here. I don't know if it's interesting or not. Remember, first drafts suck.


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