Friday, April 10, 2009

4/9/09 Word/Page Count

Words: 531
Pages: 1.1

Not a very productive day. I'm tired. I watched too much TV. I have a lot of books to read. I need to find a new job by June and nobody wants me. A lot of things on my mind. The writing would have been better if I was focused. Oh well.

TGIF! At least it's the weekend, right? EASTER WEEKEND. This means on Sunday Lent is over and I can add junk food back to my diet. I was bad with Lent this year. I cheated. Oh well.

I can't get True Colors out of my head since Anoop sang it. Beautiful song. Makes me feel good. I think I'll play it again to get in a better state of mind. It's a song about hope and love.

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