Thursday, April 16, 2009

4/15/09 Word/Page Count

words: 681
Pages: 1.3

Tonight was a true test of my commitment of writing a page a day. It was the first time I didn't pound a page out before midnight. So I decided that the day ends when you go to bed. Hey, I'm the creator, I can bend the rules!

I was so distracted by Idol and my taxes. I couldn't concentrate. And I didn't want to write. But you know what? I sucked it up and I put my fingers to the test. I wrote some fluffy stuff I had in my mind and now I'm done. See I'm building up my discipline and that's great. It's just the reason I started doing this.

Now I'm wiped and I still have to do my hair. So hopefully there will be a better post tomorrow.

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