Friday, April 10, 2009

Basketball (or Something Like it) by Nora Baskin

Basketball (or Something Like it) by Nora Baskin

I don't feel like trying to write a formal review. This was a cute story about four sixth graders named Hank, Jeremy, Nathan and Annabel who are all involved with the crazy, "competitive" sixth grade travel team. The parents are obsessed with having their own kid as a starter and all the kids learn about team work is wearing matching basketball shoes somehow makes you a team.

It's a very funny story. I think parents should read it to see how ridiculous they can look. The POV is really weird but whatever, you can overlook that for the humor and the good feeling behind the story. The way the four main characters come together is kind of contrived but they make a good team. It's a shame that we didn't get to experience their foursome for longer in the book. But hey, it's a short book. Give it to your middle school aged siblings if they are into sports. There are a few swear words but nothing worse than damn and ass.

Okay, on to the next book!

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