Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4/6/09 Word/Page Count

Words: 916
Pages: 3

On the writing front, it was a pretty good day. First of all, I wrote my book review. It's been a long time since I've written a review. I used to write reviews for the school newspaper and they were so lame. What book should I review next? Any requests? I'll do them as long as they are in the library. (Do them! Ooo, that sounds dirty.) But I think the next review will be Purge by Sarah Daer Littman. I must admit that I like the YA problem novel. You know, BIG! ISSUES! I'm a sucker for them. I can't help it.

Then I did the page for my novel. I was like, what should I write today? La dee da. I decided to with Tense Family Dinner Scene. Because that's always a winner. And then it ended and I was done.

So I'm watching a special on Autism on Discovery Health. This one family has 7 autistic kids. That's got to be crazy. Autism is so fascinating to me. I kind of want to study this disorder because it is really intriguing and it's really important. So many children are affected and it can be just devastating to their lives. We need to find a cure quick.

Tomorrow is a very important day to me because it is time for AMERICAN IDOL. You would think I was on the show. Seriously, I need help. Oh well. I'm going to be voting so hardcore for Anoop tomorrow. I'll have to jump on the page and the blogging first thing after work because after 8 I'm just going to be done.

Sigh. Work. Tell me again why it needs to be 5 days a week? I need to go to work for myself quick! So I can sleep in until ten. Or 11. Okay, 12.

haha. Sorry this was BOR-RING!

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