Thursday, April 9, 2009

4/8/09 Word/Page Count

Words: 712
Pages: ~ 2

Tonight was the first real test of my page-a-day-novel commitment. See, after the excitement of Idol I just couldn't calm down. I couldn't focus at all. I was going around to message boards and chat rooms and texting like yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I mean, you must understand, I am SO HAPPY.

So around 11, I finally settled down some and I was like, I must write. But then Make Me a Supermodel was on and I love the pretty that is Colin. Ugh, so perfect. So that distracted me. But finally I put my fingers to the keys and started click-clacking. And I got my page in and it turned out okay. Helped that I knew what I was trying to write.

I'm pretty bushed right now or I would write more. But I have to do my hair and I want to read some before bed. Tomorrow morning I will do my favorite work activity and read through a bunch of blogs. Goodnight!

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